Isobel Smith lives and works in East Sussex, UK.
She completed her MA in Sculpture / Performance at Royal College of Art in 2017.

Her practice crosses sculpture, performance and moving image, inhabiting a flickering state between rational and non-rational realities.
Colliding materials and ideas she makes powerful mash-ups of the familiar and strange. Often choosing to show the process of transforming – revealing the ‘trick’ – along with the results in her performances, Isobel disturbs political notions of ‘normal’ and disrupts the comfortable distance that ‘othering’ of an unfamiliar image/object/person allows.
Live work is the ignition spark for her sculptures, which attempt to capture the ephemeral essence of a performance.

Making art spells – between the eyes, between the legs, between worlds.
In the sliding flux
between ‘familiar’ and ‘other’, dead and alive.

At the slippery edge
where 1 + 1 = 3
and ‘+’ is the gap between, it is sex, desire, revulsion,
the miraculous and the monstrous.
The breath that jumps in and gives life.

I might be a witch.
So burn me.